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Bank robbery report

bank robbery report

B2 Text Types Here we provide you with types of text that you are expected to read and write at this level of English. B2 Vocabulary Exercises These exercises providing word retention focussing on the English that you need to use to communicate successfully in your world.

B2 Grammar Exercises So why not try our grammar exercises, these give you the practice to be confident in communicating in English at this level. Our crosswords provide a way to think about how to spell link words correctly to complete the task. Therefore, doing puzzles like the ones we have on this site will be useful for you as you try to retain new words in a different language.

bank robbery report

English B2. B2 Bank Robbery News Report. Share this. B2 Writing.

Special Report: Police Search For Armed Man After Somerville Bank Robbery

This is a news report about the arrest of bank robbers. The main components are: the lead — the main body — the end. The most important information should be put at the forefront.

It is important once you have a basic level of English that you can combine your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar to understand and produce pieces of text. Here we provide you with types of text that you are expected to read and write at this level of English. Especially helpful are exercises that are focussed on a theme or topic as these provide word retention practice so you can be confident to read, write, speak and listen successfully. These exercises providing word retention focussing on the English that you need to use to communicate successfully in your world.

Learning English requires not just a good vocabulary, but a basic foundation of English grammar to communicate well. So why not try our grammar exercises, these give you the practice to be confident in communicating in English at this level. B2 Adjectives as Nouns Grammar. Word puzzles require not just a good vocabulary and a knack for spelling, but the ability to think logically and strategically, particularly in the case of crossword puzzle.

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bank robbery report

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Sample Incident Report: Bank Robbery (Hold-up)

Mary Dejevsky. Robert Fisk. Mark Steel. Janet Street-Porter. John Rentoul. Matthew Norman. Sean O'Grady. Tom Peck. Andrew Grice. Rugby union.

Man wearing straw hat, khakis robs local bank

Cheltenham Festival. Miguel Delaney. US sports. Streaming Hub. Geoffrey Macnab. Clarisse Loughrey. Ed Cumming. Royal Family. Tech news. Tech culture. The Competition. Money transfers. Health insurance.Witnessing a bank robbery can be terrifying, but writing a report about what happened can help law enforcement catch robbers and put them behind bars. Writing a bank robbery incident report takes time and effort, but law enforcement benefits from such reports tremendously.

All details of the robbery must be included in a bank robbery incident report. Anything misrepresented or left out reduces law enforcement's chance of catching the robbers. Accurately describe bank robbers and their actions.

Provide accurate descriptions of how the robbers looked, moved and spoke. Also, include descriptions of their actions when robbing the bank. Write down all the facts. Do not include what you thought the robbers might do; only what they actually did. Remain objective. Do not let your emotions come between writing a well-described report and a report littered with biased opinions. Write concisely and in a well-organized fashion. Concise and organized reports help law enforcement by summarizing what happened in a logical order.

This allows law enforcement to get on the robbers' trail more quickly, rather than having to wade through an unorganized and lengthy report.

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Ensure that your report is grammatically correct. Mistakes in grammar can lead to misunderstood facts. Include the actions of everyone else around you. Writing down who was at the scene, who took what actions and so forth, will allow law enforcement to question more people, which leads to a higher chance of capturing the robbers.

Located in Pittsburgh, Chris Miksen has been writing instructional articles on a wide range of topics for online publications since He currently owns and operates a vending business. Miksen has written a variety of technical and business articles throughout his writing career. He studied journalism at the Community College of Allegheny County. June 16, Write down everything that happened.

Try not to leave unanswered questions. About the Author.Report 1 : A newspaper reporter was sent to report on a bank robbery. He made the following notes in his notebook. Using this information write a report for a newspaper in about 60 words. Robbery in SBI Branch, six robbers in a van—looted Rs 21 lakhs — cashier resisted — was shot dead — Police investigation is on — no arrests so far. It is reported from local sources that the robbers had come in a Maruti van and entered the branch at around They demanded the cashier to hand over all the cash.

When resisted, he was shot dead. They fled away without any resistance. Police investigation is going on over the robbery. However, no arrests have been made so far. Report 2 : A press reporter was sent to report on a seminar. Doomdooma — at D. High School — a seminar on drinking water organized by the ECO Club of the school — local Medical Officer explained the aim of the seminar — urged for pure drinking water.

Doomdooma, Sep 8 : A one day seminar on safe drinking water was held at the premises of D. High School today. The seminar was organized by the ECO Club of the school. He stressed on the necessity of drinking pure water and urged the students for drinking pure water to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Report 3 : A press reporter was sent to report on a bomb blasting. Using this information write a report for a newspaper. Hints : Time 7 p. Guwahati, Jun 22 : A severe bomb blast took place today near Hatigaon Police Station at around 7 in the evening.

Two persons lost their lives on the spot and several others including small children were severely injured. Police recovered an abandoned scooter nearby the spot of blast.

It is reported from police that the bomb was being carried to the railway station by suspected NDFB cadres. The injured are sent to GMC Hospital. Police is investigating the matter. Report 4 : A newspaper reporter was sent to report on a drowning incident. Below you can see one page of his notebook.

Prepare a report for a newspaper using the information given below :. Noonmati, Aug 26 : At around 4 p. The students were studying in the 10 th standard in Noonmati Jatiya Vidyalay.

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As reported by their classmates and parents, they did not know how to swim and had drowned before rescue party arrived. The dead bodies are yet to be recovered. Report 5 : A newspaper reporter was sent to report on the incident of a bus accident.This suspected serial bank robber is one reason for the rise in suburban holdups last year, authorities say.

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Courtesy of the FBI. That's one take-away from a report issued by the FBI's Chicago office this week detailing the facts and figures behind bank robberies in The report shows that bank robbers' favorite time to do their business these days is after 6 p.

Of last year's holdups in the Chicago area and Rockford, 47 of them, or about 29 percent, occurred "after hours. The percentage was about the same inwhen 56 of holdups came after 6 p. Both are a huge leap fromwhen only two heists took place late in the day. Why the increase? One possible explanation could be the prevalence of bank branches in grocery stores. Both are frequent targets. Stand-alone branches for many banks close at 5 or 6 p.

It's not just a Chicago-area thing, either. Nationally, 3. But inthat figure jumped to So when's the best time to do your banking if you're looking to avoid a holdup? According to the FBI stats, Saturdays and Sundays are the least popular days for stickups, accounting for just 18 of the last year.

If you must bank during the week, Monday is best, with 22 holdups. The worst days? Fridays and Tuesdays, which saw 34 and 31 robberies, respectively. As for time of day, bank robbers like many of us like to sleep in and take a break after lunch. The fewest took place between 1 and 3 p. The good news is even if you're caught in a bank being robbed, chances are you won't know it. Of the stickups last year, only nine were "takeovers" in which the robbery was announced.

If you thought bank robbers seemed to be targeting the suburbs more often inyou weren't wrong. The FBI report shows that even as the number of bank heists in the Chicago region declined -- from in to last year -- the numbers in the North, West and South suburbs grew. In fact, after accounting for less than half of all holdups inlast year's 97 suburban heists made up 61 percent of the total. Croon points to a spate of robberies in June and July, where it seemed like a suburban bank was being held up every three days.

There were also serial robbers, including one man suspected of holding up eight West and Northwest suburban banks from January through September. Croon said bank robbers typically do not stop until they're caught. Each success encourages them not only to continue but to seek bigger and bigger scores, in robberies that may become more violent, he said. Robbing banks in the suburbs has its advantages, Croon notes. Robbers out here can make a quick getaway in a car, while their urban cohorts are often on foot or at the mercy of public transportation.

And while we might be amused by the disguises robbers wear, or question the smarts of those who don't wear one at all, Croon stresses bank robbery is no laughing matter.Their First Date Ended With a 5-Year Prison Sentence Christopher Castillo ends up behind bars; his date was let off Newser - It should be a happy Valentine's Day if you can avoid a date like this: A Rhode Island man was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday in connection with a bank robbery he committed while on a first date with a woman who unwittingly acted as his At the Top of the World, a Very Unusual Crime Revisiting the bank robbery that shook Longyearbyen, Norway Newser - Though rifles abound in Longyearbyen, Norway, the worst crimes that tended to occur were the theft of unattended boots—until latethat is.

In a piece for Outside OnlineDavid Kushner takes readers to one of the northernmost settlements on the planet, a town of 2, that sits There have been three ATM explosions in the area over the last few Robber Sexually Assaults Hostage at Bank: Police Nicholas August, 39, is arrested in Illinois Newser - A man armed with a pellet gun who took a woman hostage inside an Illinois bank sexually assaulted her before surrendering to authorities following a six-hour standoff, police said Saturday, the AP reports.

Gentle reader, KKTV brings you An indictment unsealed this week alleges year-old Arlando M. Henderson took the cash from customer deposits on at least 18 occasions The Florida man is accused of robbing a Boca Raton branch of Wells Day Before Wedding, Woman Tells Fiance to Turn Himself In She saw an online post apparently showing him robbing a bank to pay for ring, venue Newser - Coming up with the cash to pay for a wedding can be a stressful endeavor, and in a case out of Texas, it turned out to be a criminal endeavor for a groom-to-be.

The FBI says the suspect carried a "distinctive pink handbag" during at least two of the robberies—hence the nickname. Her modus operandi He Was a Boeing Engineer. Then Came the Oxy Prescription Anthony Hathaway ended up robbing banks to support his drug addiction Newser - For a while, Anthony Hathaway looked like a success story: As a year-old with only a high school diploma, he went to work as a technical designer for Boeing in Everett, Washington.

Cops: Dying Bank Robber Robbed Banks 9 Days After Release He told judge he wanted to spend time with family Newser - At an April 29 sentencing hearing, convicted bank robber Jamie Frierson pleaded for leniency, saying he was dying of colon cancer and wanted to spend the little time he has left with his family. He was released after being sentenced to time served—and he robbed a bank nine days He worked there as the bank's cash vault services manager and was aware of the security setup—which didn't include armed guards.

And so a plan was born: In Julyhe enabled the ability for Cops: Ex-Chief Wounded After Second Bank Robbery 2 SC deputies shot at suspect after car chase Newser - A former South Carolina police chief on probation for robbing a bank in is accused of robbing another bank and leading authorities on a car chase that ended when he was shot at and wounded, the AP reports. Former Williamston police chief Richard Edward Inman was charged last week Cops: Bank Robbers Were Girls, Ages 14 and 15 year-old demanded money or she'd 'blow everything up,' police say Newser - Two Massachusetts girls, ages 14 and 15, are being held in the armed robbery of a bank, police say.

Police say the Uber driver who took the teens to the bank Tuesday afternoon called authorities after hearing one of them say he had a gun and was The Guardian reports an armed man pulled off the feat in Svalbard, located in the Arctic Ocean just a tad over miles from the North Pole and said Shootout With Brazil Bank Robbers Leaves 12 Dead Victims include 2 children Newser - At least 12 people, including two children, were killed Friday when police engaged in a shootout with bank robbers, according to authorities in northeastern Brazil, per the AP.

The two attempted heists in the state of Ceara began around am in the downtown area of the city of MilagresCreate an incident report about a bank hold-up, using well-constructed paragraphs, logical transitions, consistency, and professional tone.

Only two tellers were in the bank at the time of the robbery. Develop your own details to answer the questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how see pp. Supplemental reports are the second most utilized form of intradepartmental communication. Virtually every department has its own unique or personalized form for reporting an offense or incident. Yet, while the form may be unique to that organizationthe format is essentially the same. Note taking Every officer is issued a variety of new equipment but none is more important than the pen and the field notebook.

Good field notes are vital to the preparation of a thorough and inclusive report. Since investigations and court cases may take several months or years to resolve, officers should catalog their notebooks in chronological order. Notebooks should be maintained for a minimum of three years. The content of the notes should serve as an outline or brief synopsis of the event. These notes should contain personal observations, statements made by the victim, witness esand suspect s.

Descriptions of important persons, places, or things as well as any other relevant information should also be included. Information that may be construed as opinion rather than fact should be omitted. An officer should remember that this notebook is not a private or secure journal but a written account of investigations that may be confiscated by the agency or subpoenaed into court for examination.

The narrative is the integral component of any sound offense report.

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Who is the complainant? Who is the victim? Who is the suspect? Who are the witnesses? What type of offense has occurred?

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